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  • How to fix my garden path?

    Posted: June 30 2014

    Graham: Good morning, I live in Hoppers Crossing, have a house about 15 years old and it’s got paths around it but they’re cracking away from the house. Is that a heavy fix or an easy fix?  Phil (Nupave): I’m imagining you’ve got a little bit of what we’d call fretting around the edge of […]

  • How can I fix the cracks in my driveway?

    Posted: June 20 2014

    Bill: Good morning to all of you. I have a drive and it’s been down for 43 years, and it’s cracked in certain parts which is understandable. Is there any way I can just, I thought about mixing some cement up into a cream and doing it over with a brush, to fill the cracks. […]

  • What ratio of sand and cement should I use?

    Posted: June 10 2014

    Daniel: Good morning, I’d like to know with a cement mixer, making up up a 6 x 6 concrete slab. What ratio of sand, cement and aggregate should I use? I’m just saying to the other listeners, when they hire, get some sand and cement, what’s the ratio? Four, two and one? Phil (Nupave): The days […]

  • How should I seal my Pergola concrete?

    Posted: May 31 2014

    Tyson: I’ve done a 3 x 3 square metre slab which a pergola’s sitting on, I did it about 6 months ago. I just want to know what I should do about sealing it, sealing the concrete and waterproofing it. What sort of product I should use?  Phil (Nupave): Are you trying to waterproof it […]

  • Why do different councils require different concrete strengths?

    Posted: May 21 2014

    Excerpt from 3AW Radio Interview Ron: I used to work in Sydney and you’d go to one council and they’d say okay the cross over – 4 inches, okay. Next council, cross over – 4 inches, with steel. Next council – 5 inches of concrete, steel and chairs. Phil (Nupave): Ron, it’s exactly the same here in […]

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