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What ratio of sand and cement should I use?

Posted: June 10 2014

Daniel: Good morning, I’d like to know with a cement mixer, making up up a 6 x 6 concrete slab. What ratio of sand, cement and aggregate should I use? I’m just saying to the other listeners, when they hire, get some sand and cement, what’s the ratio? Four, two and one?

Phil (Nupave): The days of getting sand and cement to a site are gone, I used to do it with my dad. Now you get a pre packed bag, you know a 20kg bag of pre-mixed concrete, add about 2.5 litres of clean water per bag and just as the good doctor said on the gardening show this morning, I was listening to him, do not over water concrete because too much water ruins good concrete.

I tell you Daniel if you want to see something that is absolutely incredible stand opposite a concrete pumping device, so it’ll be a big truck and you’ll see this thing pumping, it’ll have a huge arm and it’ll just elevate over other buildings onto the construction site and that’s pumping concrete in for basements and form work. It’s just extraordinary the technology now.

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