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Slate Impressions

Why have plain or coloured new concrete, when you can have the elegance of Slate Impression? With the use of colour-fast hardeners and various patterns of Slate Impressions, you can have the beautiful appeal of Slate around your home. Where you might have had plain concrete, you can now replace that with intricate multicolour Slate or Stone finishes, with the durability and permanence of new concrete that is fully reinforced with steel mesh. No weeds or moss can grow through this, adding genuine value and appeal to your home and all this at an affordable price.

Slate Impression concrete is suitable for driveways, paths, courtyards, patios, pool surrounds and any other area where concrete would be used. Nupave Decorative Concrete specialise in a non-slip texture to those areas where slipping may be a concern with your new Slate Impression. All of our work is covered by a three year guarantee. You can contact us for addresses of homes near you, where we have already completed Slate Impression concrete.

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