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Spray on Paving

Spray on Paving is ideal for driveways, patios, verandahs, paths & pools. It is identical to brick or tiles, only without the weeds or moss and is a non-slip surface for year round safety. Further, it’s easy to clean, with No Fading, No lifting, No Peeling and No crumbling. Spray on Paving will ad thousands of dollars of value to your home for years into the future.


Concrete Resurfacing


For those wanting the modern look of exposed aggregate concrete without the additional cost of removing old concrete and pouring new stuff, our Imitation Exposed Aggregate is a viable option. We first spray a uniform base coat of the area, then apply ‘flecks’ of your desired colours to act as the aggregate. ┬áThis coating looks smart, modern, is slip resistant and hard wearing. Definitely one of our most popular options lately.

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