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Commercial Concreting

Nupave specialises in commercial concreting for small to large commercial business, industrial operators, community and government organisations. We service metropolitan Melbourne and areas of Bass Coast, Phillip Island and West and South Gippsland.  

As Melbourne’s concrete specialist for over 30 years, our team is experienced, trained and highly knowledgeable in all things concrete. You get our complete expertise – no outsourcing!

We’re well-resourced for small and large-scale commercial concreting jobs. No job is too big and we’re ‘site ready’. Equipped with the best machinery and concreting techniques, our processes are well-practised and refined for only the best result.  

Our team is professional, friendly and dependable and we’re organised – offering an efficient, high-quality service at a competitive cost. Call us now and chat with our team about your next commercial concreting project. 

Commercial concreting for a daycare centre in Melbourne
Excavation, footings, piers and concrete completed by Nupave on this raft slab for a new daycare centre in Melbourne 2023.

Commercial concreting services

Concrete installation increases your commercial property value, preserves the integrity of your asset, improves its visual appeal and supports the functional and operational needs of your business. It also provides safety, convenience and positive alignment with your brand.

Nupave offers a range of commercial concreting services, specialising in all forms of concrete construction:

Our experienced team is well-resourced for all components of your commercial concreting project from planning, preparation and setup (including all formwork and reinforcing) thorough to mixing, pouring, curing and finishing. We’re super diligent and precise with our planning and processes to ensure a structurally sound, durable, high-quality finish for our clients.

Commercial concreting applications

Nupave provides commercial concreting services for a variety of uses and applications. 

  • Factory floors and slabs 
  • Car parks and driveways
  • Commercial loading docks
  • Footpaths and pedestrian crossings
  • Decorative concrete features
  • Courtyards and alfresco areas
  • Gardens and bridges 
  • Stairs and pool surrounds
  • School playgrounds and quadrangles
  • Sport and recreation facilities
  • Wheelchair access ramps
  • Commercial kitchen or laundry flooring
  • Public bathrooms/amenities
  • Structural foundations, beams and walls

We work with you to understand your design requirements and the operational needs of your business so we can customise a solution to suit.  

Commercial Concrete Melbourne
A commercial concrete driveway by the Nupave team.

Customised for your business needs

Our team will do a detailed consultation to determine the best concrete construction and design to maximise performance and longevity based on your premises, the environment and how you will use it. This is to ensure:

  • Adequate internal reinforcement (including depth and density) to support the required load weight and structural function
  • Inclusion of a protective coating (if required), for pressure and impact in hard-wearing areas
  • Safety features (angles, grippy, non-slip textures and finishes)
  • Run-off design and and drainage for wet areas 
  • Decorative finishes in alignment with your desired aesthetics and brand
  • Compliance with building codes and standards applicable for your project. 

At Nupave, we know and understand concrete inside out including how it ages, the causes and impacts of damage and how to properly design and install it. We know Australian conditions and we know the techniques and products that work (and the ones that dont).

Reduce risk for your business and get it done right the first time by investing in the right expertise for the job. For a customised, no-bull quotation for commercial concreting, contact Nupave now.

Your commercial concreting subcontractor

If you’re a commercial builder, we would love the opportunity to work with your project team as your preferred contractor for your commercial concreting needs. Over our 30 years in business and involvement in many commercial projects, we understand the requirements and key components that commercial builders look for and need to tick-off. 

Nupave has the project experience and resources ready for all types of commercial construction projects with the required concreting equipment on hand including large mixers and finishing tools to deliver the job efficiently, to a high-quality standard. Our team members are fully-trained to operate commercial concreting equipment and handle concrete safely while on work sites and we are aware of the building codes and standards applicable to building construction.

Quality and efficiency is important to our commercial clients. So is working with your project team to keep things on track and on time, in line with your project plan. Contact us now and get Nupave on board today.

Commercial concreting for all projects and redevelopments

Nupave is available to attend an onsite consultation with your project manager, maintenance or construction team to discuss your project and provide a quotation for commercial concreting at your workplace or project site.

  • Factories and warehouses
  • Agriculture and dairy farms
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Food manufacturing and processing
  • Logistics depots
  • New industrial estates
  • Schools, kindergartens and universities
  • Hair salons and spas
  • Mechanics/garages and car dealerships
  • Councils and local government
  • Community and public spaces
  • Sporting complexes and gyms
  • Physical therapy/rehabilitation centres
  • Kids playgrounds
  • Medical and aged care facilities
  • Petrol stations
  • Public transport infrastructure and airports

Check out our Projects Portfolio to see our past commercial concreting projects.

We can be onsite at a time convenient for you and your team. Contact us now

Suspended commercial concrete slab daycare
A suspended commercial concrete slab for a daycare centre completed by the Nupave team.

Decorative and non-slip finishes for commercial concreting

Commercial concrete can be mixed, poured and finished in a range of shapes, colours, polishes and textures to fit the desired theme/decor, support its intended use and suit your company branding. 

Decorative concrete features can be used for stamped or coloured concrete paths, facades, walls and more. We can also incorporate solid colours that are colour-matched to your brand or the environment, colour-coded patterns for vibrancy or safety and a variety of sleek gloss, matt or textured finishes. 

Chat with our team and get creative! Our team can take you through the options to help you understand the finishes available, their benefits and what would work best for your business needs. Call us now for a detailed, customised quote.

Why choose Nupave for commercial concreting?

With over 30 years experience, Nupave is a known and trusted commercial concreting contractor with an excellent reputation for quality and reliability. We know and understand concrete and how to build it correctly to last decades, with proven results. 

  • Over 30 years experience
  • Highly skilled, trained knowledgeable staff
  • Adequately resourced for large commercial jobs
  • Equipped with latest machinery
  • Modern, innovative design and installation techniques
  • High-quality, durable products
  • Professional and reliable, friendly staff
  • Fully insured
  • Attention to detail (all work guaranteed)

Nupave works to Australian Standards and guidelines for concrete installation and restoration. We’re flexible, professional, easy to work with and site ready! 

Check out our testimonials from our happy clients.

Service area for commercial concreting

Nupave will travel to your commercial business location anywhere across metropolitan Melbourne. We also cover areas of Bass Coast, Phillip Island and West and South Gippsland for some commercial projects. We’re based in Cranbourne! So if your business is located in one of the industrial estates at Cranbourne, Dandenong, Mordialloc or Clayton – we’re local and close by.

Call us now

You just can’t beat 30-years of experience and specialised skill set in commercial concreting.

Call Nupave now for free onsite consultation and quote for your commercial property.

Frequently asked questions

How much does commercial concreting cost?

Our pricing for commercial concreting depends on the specifics of your project such as the type of concrete selected, the size of the area and the preparation involved. As an estimate (excluding any decorative finishes or coatings) you could expect to pay around $25,000 for 200 square metres of commercial concreting. 

What are the benefits of commercial concreting?

There are multiple benefits for business operators and organisations that invest in commercial concreting:

  • Design flexibility: Concrete can be shaped for spaces of any shape
  • Multiple finishes available: Concrete can be finished to conform to your desired look and feel
  • Safety and compliance: Concrete can fulfil safety requirements for your industrial flooring or public pathways 
  • Save money: Commercial concrete may save your business money by reducing your heating/cooling costs
  • Fire safety: Concrete provides an effective barrier against fire!

I need non-slip commercial concreting that is compliant

Slip resistant finishes are ideal in areas exposed to the elements where grip is required for safety and at locations utilised by people with restricted mobility (aged care) and young children (schools and playgrounds).

Businesses and organisations across many industries require specific finishes for safety purposes, particularly in high-risk commercial and industrial work areas. Not sure where to start? Talk to our team today about a compliant, slip-resistant option suitable for your business.

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