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Concrete Resurfacing Melbourne

Nupave provides concrete resurfacing for small and large projects and home renovations across Melbourne, areas of Bass Coast, Phillip Island and West and South Gippsland. As Melbourne’s decorative concrete specialist for over 30 years, our team is experienced, trained and highly knowledgeable in all things concrete. 

You get our complete expertise (no outsourcing). Equipped with the best machinery and techniques in concrete floor preparation and resurfacing application, our processes are well-practised and refined for the best results.  

Our team is professional, friendly, dependable and organised – offering an efficient, high-quality service at a competitive cost. Call us now and chat with our team about your next concrete resurfacing project.

What is concrete resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing is the application of a cement-based polymer-modified adhesive coating to pre-existing concrete forming a new, high-quality commercial-grade surface on top. It is a form of concrete restoration that will increase the visual appeal, safety and durability of your indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. Concrete resurfacing looks great for the following home applications:

  • Driveways
  • Outdoor footpaths
  • Patios and courtyards
  • Pool surrounds
  • Bathrooms and kitchens
  • Tennis and basketball courts
  • Outdoor entertaining areas
  • Home playgrounds

Concrete resurfacing is also great in homes where there is restricted mobility due to the slip-resistant surfaces available for wheelchair access ramps, bathrooms and more.

Concrete resurfacing cost

Resurfacing your existing concrete can be up to 200% cheaper than a new concrete pour. As an example, a new 200 sq/m concrete slab may cost around $25,000. Resurfacing the same area, may cost around $10,000 (depending). This is a saving of around $15,000 with the same fresh, new look.

Commercial concrete resurfacing is a facelift for restoring old, tired-looking concrete that is still structurally sound – making it a better fit for purpose and providing a low-cost alternative to replacement. Contact our expert team today for an onsite consultation to see if your concrete is suitable for resurfacing.

Customised concrete resurfacing Melbourne

Choose from a variety of customised colours, surface textures and patterns for your concrete resurfacing. Our team can take you through the options to help you understand the products available, their benefits and what would work best for your needs.

  • Colours: Solid colours for a clean look or multiple colours, which can be customised or colour-matched to decor.
  • Textures: Smooth texture for sleek finish. Slip-resistant texture for outdoor surfaces exposed to moisture, those requiring grip or where safety is priority.
  • Patterns: Multiple colours for pre-set designs, patterns and special effects. Decorative flakes can be added for ‘fleck’ finish, providing visual texture and more colour variation.
  • Sealers: A gloss or matte sealer provides a glossy or matte finish.

Our team uses a variety of techniques to achieve certain looks and themes including different-coloured base coats and topcoats, staining and multi-tone ‘fleck’ finishes for highlights or a natural-looking feel. 

Specialising in ‘cut stone’ resurfacing

Nupave proudly offers ‘cut stone’ resurfacing, a unique product not offered by many of our competitors. Cut stone resurfacing is a non-slip resurfacing option great for safety at home for the elderly and kids as it is less ‘gritty’ and therefore kinder on feet. Cut stone resurfacing is available in one solid colour, in a variety of abrasiveness. Contact us now to learn more.

Why concrete resurfacing?

Investing in concrete resurfacing will increase the value of your home by improving the visual appeal, functionality and safety of your existing concrete.

  • Cost-effective: Concrete that is still structurally sound does not need to be replaced.
  • Safety (high non-slip rating): Reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls for the elderly and kids.
  • Upgrade and restore: Repair and hide minor cracking and discolouration in your old ugly concrete.
  • Longevity and performance: Durable, hard-wearing, UV resistant and tolerates bad weather.
  • Visual aesthetics: Make your concrete areas uniform and consistent (custom colours available). 
  • Easy maintenance: Generally low-maintenance, your new surface requires only periodic resealing.

Concrete resurfacing is available in fun colour-coded patterns (great for playgrounds and loud decor!). See also Concrete Stencilling.

Protecting your investment: high-quality products only

We want the best result for your concrete that performs well now, and into the future. That’s why we use only high-quality, tried and tested resurfacing products sourced from suppliers that we know and trust. Our products:

  • Bind well to concrete surfaces
  • Offer exceptional durability and strength
  • Provide longevity and minimal maintenance
  • Maintain their look and stay looking great 

We also use quality sealers to adequately protect and preserve your concrete. High-quality concrete resurfacing will rejuvenate your existing concrete and extend its life for many years, when applied correctly. 

Choose Nupave for concrete resurfacing

At Nupave, we know and understand concrete inside out including how it ages, the causes and impacts of damage and how to properly prepare and work with it. We know Australian conditions and we know the techniques and products that work (and the ones that dont).

  • Fully insured and over 30 years in business
  • Highly-skilled, trained knowledgeable team
  • Adequately equipped with latest machinery
  • Modern and innovative application techniques
  • High-quality durable products
  • Professional and friendly staff
  • Work is to Australian Standards and industry guidelines
  • Attention to detail (all work guaranteed)

We work to Australian Standards and industry guidelines for concrete installation and restoration. Check out our Projects Portfolio to see our concrete resurfacing work. You can also read testimonials from our happy clients.

Call NuPave now 

Have your old, tired-looking concrete looking new again with concrete resurfacing. As Melbourne’s decorative concrete specialist for over 30 years, our team is experienced, trained and highly knowledgeable in all things concrete. 

Get it done right the first time by investing in the right expertise for the job. Call us now for a free consultation and quote.

Our expert team is available for all your residential concrete needs.

Learn more about concrete resurfacing

Is ‘non-slip concrete sealer’ the same as concrete resurfacing? 

No. The terminology ‘non-slip concrete sealer’ is commonly used when referring to slip-resistant options for concrete sealer, it is an additive added to the final coat which is not a long term solution. Concrete resurfacing gains its slip resistance from the cement-based polymer that is sprayed on.

Is ‘non-slip concrete coating’ the same as concrete resurfacing?

Yes. ‘Non-slip concrete coating’ is another terminology commonly used when referring to slip-resistant options available for concrete resurfacing.

What is the process for concrete resurfacing?

The process for concrete resurfacing includes:

Concrete surface preparation:

  • Cleaning: to remove dirt, grime, and other debris. 
  • Minor repairs: Filling of small cracks or holes and minor levelling if necessary.
  • Surface profiling: Grinding to create a better surface for better adhesion.


  • Primer: A bonding agent to ensure good adhesion.
  • Base coat: A base layer of resurfacing material to bond to the existing surface.
  • Non-slip additives: Utilising different techniques we do not require adding any additives. Our concrete resurfacing will leave you with a P5 slip rating after it has been sealed. 
  • Texturework: Such as brooming, troweling, or rollers to further customise the look and texture.

Finishing touches:

  • Decorative options: Stencil work or patterns. See Residential Concrete Stencilling.
  • Sealing: To protect and preserve the new surface.
  • Dry and cure: Timing can vary based on the required products used and the environmental conditions.

How long does concrete resurfacing take to dry?

Timing for drying and curing can vary based on the products used and environmental conditions. In most cases, the surface coating will require 24 hours to cure before resuming regular use and 7 days for vehicle traffic.

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