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How can I fix the cracks in my driveway?

Posted: June 20 2014

Bill: Good morning to all of you. I have a drive and it’s been down for 43 years, and it’s cracked in certain parts which is understandable. Is there any way I can just, I thought about mixing some cement up into a cream and doing it over with a brush, to fill the cracks.

Phil (Nupave): Well you could fill them but they’re not going to stay filled.

Bill: Oh yeah. 

Phil (Nupave): What happens of course with particularly the hot weather we’re experiencing, your concrete expands and cracks and so if you put in a weak type substance like that, it’s just going to move. How big are the cracks?

Bill: Well they’re about 1/8 of an inch, 1/4 of an inch. 

Phil (Nupave): So you could nearly stick a biro in there?

Bill: Oh yeah. 

Radio Host: What Bill’s talking about Phil, is nearly what you do in terms of basically it’s not a render of an existing pavement but it’s basically, just explain the sort of work you do or specialise in.

Phil (Nupave):  We certainly resurface concrete and as long as the concrete is sound and solid we can absolutely revamp it and make it look fresh and new. We can repair cracks but I tell people that I can’t guarantee that those cracks won’t reappear. They’ll be less conspicuous  and usually where people are wanting to conceal those I invariably encourage them to go for a darker colour cos when you see cracks you see shadows.

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